From the sleep side

Anne Carson’s most recent book ‘Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera’ plays with different literary and documenting forms. In it she writes an essay which talks of writers who approach life ‘from the sleep side’ where the underbelly of the unarticulated felt world meets the world of action, episode and experience. (She cites Virgina Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse’ among other examples – the middle section which is about 25 pages of dream sequence interspersed with the facts of events held in square brackets).

This is my exploration. How do we, in organisations, start to look at things from the sleep side? What role can narrative approaches play in bringing it about that the unarticulated raw experience of individuals can be pieced together in a way which transforms the way the organisation sees, feels and tastes itself, and so, inevitably, transforms the way it acts and reacts?


One response to “From the sleep side

  1. Lovely topic, can’t wait to hear more!

    Two years I got into the work of Carolyn Ellis (The Ethnographic I) and have never looked back!

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